Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cape Cod Vital Records Go Digital

Typically I don't write about new digital records but in this case it's coming from an unusual source that is under the radar of most people.

The Sturgis Library in Barnstable, Massachusetts on Cape Cod is reporting in its newsletter a joint effort with the Boston Public Library to digitize Cape Code Vital Records.  This is a tremendous resource for people with early Cape Cod ancestors.  The digitized records, as indicated below, are already online.

Here's the snippet from the newsletter:

One of the most-used resources at the Sturgis Library is the 50-volume handwritten set of vital records entitled Genealogical Notes of Cape Cod Families, (aka the "Green Books.")  The set compiles Cape Cod births, deaths, and marriages from a variety of publications into one resource.  The information was assembled by three tireless and dedicated women in 1966, and the only print copy resides at the Sturgis Library.  It is also available on microfilm.

We have been working with the Boston Public Library on a project to scan and digitize items from our collections, and the opportunity arose to have the set digitized at no cost through the BPL's grant-funded project.  The digitized set now resides in the Internet Archive, and is available online for the first time to researchers doing Cape Cod research and genealogy.

To see and use this important resource, CLICK HERE and choose the volume you are interested in.

For those still interested in using the print version of this resource, the Green Books are back from BPL and available for use in the Hooper Room.

Thanks to Janine Penfield for finding and sharing this information.

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